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The Yarn Farm will help you locate the best yarn and knitting supplies in your area, and the finest quality products in the yarn and knitting industry. Our goal is to inspire knitters of all skill levels to pick up their needles and get creative.

Find a wide variety information and products from around the world. If you desire a special yarn or knitting product and don’t see it, many yarn and knitting suppliers will special order almost any item and then provide shipping to almost anywhere you need.

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Our site is aimed at introducing this amazing craft to the new knitter as well as inspiring people of all skill levels to pick up their needles and get creative. Our main goal is to help you find the best yarn for all of your knitting needs, from the the new knitter to the very experienced.

Useful Yarn Terminlogy:

  • Absorbency - Determines sweat absorption and suitability for warm weather wear.
  • Acrylic - An inexpensive fiber that washes well, good for beginners, babies and pets.
  • Alpaca – A Very warm fiber suitable for accessories like scarves
  • American cotton – A medium-long fiber, easy to dye and available in many colors.
  • Angora – A very soft fiber that tends to shed, best as an accent material or blended.
  • Breathability - Determines how readily air passes through the fiber.
  • Cashmere - An expensive, soft and luxurious fiber.
  • Cottons - All cotton have a dull finish unless mercerized.
  • Dyeability - Determines how well fiber accepts and holds colors.
  • Egyptian cotton – The longest cotton fiber, smoother and softer than other cottons.
  • Hand/Handle Tactile - Describes softness and  resiliency of the fiber.
  • Icelandic wool - Strong and scratchy.
  • Linen – A strong fiber, good for warm weather items, and wrinkles easily.
  • Loft - Describes the amount of air between fibers.
  • Merino wool – A softer fiber than cotton and tends to pill.
  • Mohair – A lofty and luxurious fiber best used as an outer layer.
  • Nylon – A strong, elastic fiber that washes well.
  • Pima cotton – A cross between Egyptian and American cottons.
  • Rayon - Made from processed wood pulp and highly absorbent with natural sheen.
  • Resiliency - Describes the tendency of a fiber to resume its shape after stretching.
  • Silk – An exceptionally strong, lustrous, and shiny fiber and good for summer wear.
  • Thickness - Describes the diameter of the fiber in microns.

Yarn sizes:

  • Super fine – baby, sock, fingering
  • Fine - sport, baby
  • Light - light worsted
  • Medium - worsted, Aran, Afghan,
  • Bulky - craft, rug, chunky
  • Super Bulky – roving, bulky

The Yarn Farm will help you find beginning classes that teach knitting and basic foundation:

  • How to correctly roll a ball of yarn
  • The long tail cast on
  • The knit stitch and the purl
  • How to identify your stitches
  • How to read patterns
  • How to correct common mistakes

The Yarn Farm will help you find classes that offer knitting projects:

  • My first Sweater
  • Baby Booties
  • Hats
  • Hand Bags
  • Throws
  • Beading
  • Finishing
  • Socks

Some of the quality products many yarn and knitting suppliers carry include:

  • Brown Sheep
  • Mission Falls
  • Berroco
  • Classic Elite
  • Muench Yarns
  • Tahki / Stacy Charles
  • Plymouth
  • Skacel
  • Clover
  • Colorado Yarns
  • Colinette
  • Addi Turbo Needles
  • Rowan
  • Wool In The Woods
  • And Many More

The Yarn Farm will help you find the best yarn and knitting suppliers:

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